We are Pharmatec

In 2007, what was then called L&K Installations, opened its doors. For the quick calculators among us, that's now more than 15 years. The collaboration between Rutger Kleijn and Dave Groeneboer took place in 2018, from which point on L&K Installations gave way to the name change to Pharmatec.

Purposeful and full of passion, over the years we have managed to specialize in the field of orbital welding, modular systems, semiconductors and 3D engineering.

We are a team with quality and experience, and we work well together. For our customers, this means short lines of communication, commitment and enormous flexibility in terms of deployment and service. We are there from advice to a turnkey project and are not satisfied until our customer is.

Whether there are successes to be celebrated or difficulties to be faced, here you can count on each other. There are now about 20 of us and we can say that we are a reliable player in the pharmaceutical industry. Of course, we are very proud of that and extremely grateful. Without the dedication of our colleagues we would not be here today.

Dave Groeneboer and Rutger Kleijn

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